Decriminalize our heritage


This is an article on how we’ve been brainwashed to such a level that most traditional things (that shouldn’t be wrong) are considered illegal. While I agree with the concept, I have a couple of questions:

  • How do you know your heritage? I feel like its something that’s already lost or in the process of getting lost, thereby any battle to solve it without support from the government might be a failure.
  • Why should certain religions be taught in school? I remember learning CRE, and it felt even more useless than the other subjects we learned.
  • Perhaps engage in building content on what might be our heritage, like videos, blog posts, etc. I’d really like to see a movie where its normal to have traditional weddings, funerals, etc. thus normalizing this.
  • There’s this concept I got from sapiens where for religions to succeed they have to insist on spreading themselves and be missionary. Our traditional religions don’t fit this, so perhaps they were destined to die maybe.
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