Great characters we've read

I love books because they introduce me to so many different personalities that I’d never be able to meet in real life (especially since I believe there’s a limit to how many people one person can know … I think its a maximum of 150 per group if I remember Sapiens correctly). Anyway here are some of my top characters:

  1. San dan Glokta: This is a one in a million character (literally because I’ve never read anyone as intriguing and construed as he was). He was meant to be the hero, the dashing strong prince destined to rescue all from evil, but then things happened. I think this is as far as I can go into him without spoiling the First Law Trilogy. But honestly, San dan Glokta takes the crown.
  2. Professor Quirrell (in the Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality fanfic … the original one is useless). This was a brilliant character, one who could plausibly go one one one with Dumbledore, with wit to match.
  3. The Minds in the Culture world. Honestly, I first read of these Minds and realized the potential for AI. These are sentient beings with personalities ranging from Meat Fucker( a mind that fucks up animal brains) to the Sleeper (a mind so concerned about closing up lose threads that it goes to great extends to force an estranged couple to talk about their problem). I also remember reading about meta-maths and was blown. This made me actually believe the possibilty that we are part of a simulation.
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A pedantic clarification: Dunbar’s number defines a suggested cognitive limit of 150 people with whom one can maintain stable social relationships. I came across it first in Ten Types of Humans, and I’m not surprised Harari mentions it in Sapiens.

I love the First Law trilogy, but my most beloved character has always been the bloody nine. I also empathize with Glokta, who was promised the world but received power in a greatly ironic manner.

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