Race, tribe, gender, sex; and other social lines us humans can draw based off our differences

This is[or can be] a bitter difficult topic for all of us(?) to
explore. For most(?) of us, we’ve experienced it in some way, shape or
form. However, is there any literature you’ve read around this? What
are they? What experiences have you had before in the past? How have
you been stereotyped before? How did you feel about it? What do you
think should be done? Any relevant impactful work you can point to?

PS: Feel free to propose any solutions or have any constructive
discussions around experiences you’ve personally experienced
before. However, this being a moderated forum, any blunt
“-ism” here would warrant some form of
censorship if it crosses some lines— keep that in mind. Those lines are
defined by us, the moderators, and we’ll try to stick to commonsense

Last month I read Noah Yuval Harari’s Sapiens which is not specifically about the topic but it is addressed across the book